Building Use

We are blessed at Bethel to have an amazing facility. We are happy to be able to accommodate different activities for our church members, attenders and community. Unfortunately, we do not always have the staff or volunteers available to meet the needs of the requests that we receive. If you are interested in using our facility, please complete the “Facility Use Application” and confirm that you agree to the policies we have set forth. We will process your application and respond according to the availability of the facility and staffing.


All of Bethel Baptist Church’s facilities were provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of church members. The church desires that its facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and to bring God glory. We make our facilities available to persons as a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice.

Facility use will not be permitted to persons or groups advancing or advocating practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings, which are summarized in, among other places, the church’s constitution and bylaws. Nor may church facilities be used for activities that contradict or are deemed inconsistent with the church’s practice. The Senior Pastor, or his official designee, is the final decision-maker concerning use of church facilities.

This restricted facility use policy is necessary for two important reasons. First, the church may not in good conscience materially cooperate in activities or beliefs that are contrary to its faith and practice. Allowing its facilities to be used for purposes that contradict the church’s beliefs would be material cooperation with that activity and would be a grave violation of the church’s faith and religious practice. (2 Cor. 6:14; 1 Thess. 5:22).

Second, it is very important that the church present a consistent message to the community and that the church staff and members conscientiously maintain that message as part of their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing facilities to be used by groups or persons whose use of the facility will express beliefs or engage in practices contrary to the church’s faith could have a severe and negative impact on the message that the church strives to promote. It could also cause confusion and scandal to church members and the community because they may reasonably perceive, by allowing use of our facilities, the church agrees with the beliefs or practices of the persons or groups using its facilities.

Therefore, in no event shall persons or groups whose event is seeking to advocate beliefs or engage in practices that contradict the church’s faith use any church facility. Nor may church facilities be used in any way that contradicts the church’s faith without written permission to do so from the Senior Pastor or his designee. This policy applies to all church facilities, regardless of whether the facilities are connected to the church’s sanctuary, because the church sees all of its property as holy and set apart to worship God. (Col. 3:17).

Reservation Request Form Policy: I understand that completion of the Facility Use Request Form does NOT guarantee a reservation since all reservations are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Reservation Communication Policy: I understand that I will be contacted within 1 business week after my request is processed, and I must submit my request at least 2 weeks before the date of the event. I understand that reservations will be confirmed by e-mail.

Reservation Time Request Policy: I understand that every reservation time must include set up and tear down times.

Reservation Set-Up Policy: I understand that I am responsible for setting up all the tables and chairs for my event. I will check with the church office to be directed to tables and chairs for my room set-up. I understand that the set-up needs to be included in my reservation time.

Room Cleaning Policy: I understand that I am expected to clean my room(s) after use and that clean-up includes but is not limited to: vacuuming, taking trash bags to the dumpster, sweeping, mopping, wiping down countertops, and carrying out or throwing away leftovers.

Room Damage Policy: I understand that if damage is done to any part of Bethel property at my event, I may be held financially responsible for the replacement and/or repair of any equipment or facility damage.

  • Facility Drink, Substance & Activity Policy:
    I understand that Bethel Baptist Church is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility.
  • I understand that in Bethel’s efforts to present a family friendly atmosphere, in general, dancing is not permitted. However, exceptions are made for traditional ethnic dances, and non-sensual corporate dances (i.e. square dancing, etc.). Request for an exception should be submitted with the application which includes a detailed explanation of the type of dancing that is being proposed.
  • I understand that animals are not allowed at Bethel and that petting zoos or similar activities are not permitted for events. Each Request will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The pastor or official designee must approve all uses of church facilities. Church facilities and equipment will be made available to groups meeting the following qualifications:

  1. The activity of the group or person that is requesting facility space must be consistent with the church’s faith and practice.
  2. The group or person seeking facility use must submit a completed and signed “Facility Use Request Form”.
  3. The group or person seeking facility use must be willing to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used and must agree to abide by the church’s rules of conduct for facility use, as stated below and as described in any additional instructions given by staff.
  4. The group or person understands that should an event that is deemed a priority arise, the activity will need to be rescheduled.

I affirm that:

  1. I understand that the church is not required to allow its facilities to be used by persons or groups.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, the purpose for which I am requesting use of church facilities will not contradict the church’s faith and practice, and I commit to promptly disclose any potential conflict of which I am aware or become aware to the Senior Pastor or his designee.
  3. I understand that my use of these facilities is subject to the pastor’s approval, which is conditioned in part on my agreement to the requirements in this document which I have read and understand.
  4. The church believes disputes are to be worked out between parties without recourse to the courts. See, generally, Matthew Chapter 18 and 1 Corinthians Chapter 6. Accordingly, users of the facility agree to attempt resolution of any disputes through Christian mediation which will be organized by the Senior Pastor.